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We offer the following services:

  • Free professional consultations;
  • Consultations and intermediary during real estate transactions;
  • Homes for rent – including houses, offices, shops and storage premises;
  • Preparation of documentation for real estate transactions – buy/sell or rent;
  • Notary services.


Additional Services:

  • Logistics

For each and every visit that you make, we will arrange: welcoming, accommodation, transport and departure.

  • Preparation of an individual program

After we have spoken with you we will prepare a special program for you, to view only the property that interests you.

  • Organization to view real estate property

If the property that we have proposed to you a day or so in advance correspond with your initial preferences and intentions, we will arrange a viewing of these properties. Together with you we will be present during the negotiations with the property owners, so as to assist you in reaching an agreement and finalizing of the deal.

  • Consultations with regard to Bulgarian legislation

So as to make the best decision for you, we will introduce to you the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in relation to attaining of immovable property.

We will inform you of the following:

    • regime of acquiring immovable property in the Republic of Bulgaria;
    • what kind of check-ups need to be made in order to verify the rightful property ownership;
    • what documents are required for the deal to be realized;
    • what fees and taxes are due when acquiring immovable property;
    • where and how will the acquired property have to be declared;

We will also answer all additional questions that you might have and are in connection with acquiring immovable property in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We will prepare all of the required documents for the transaction.

We will present your best interests before the Notary for the duration of the transaction and finalizing of the deal.